River Paws Dog Grooming and Doggy Daycare Center

River Paws – Doggy Daycare

  • We maintain a safe and open environment that allows dogs to play in harmony.

  • River Paws is located right next to the beautiful Yahara Heights trails and dog park.  Your dog will get to hike, run, swim and get their energy out in a positive way.

  • We provide mental stimulation through puzzle toys, positive behavioral reinforcement games, and agility challenges for dogs who choose to participate.

  • We commit to ensuring a safe environment for the dogs. As a result, we are very selective with each dog we accept. By doing this we can allow the dogs to play all day together in an open environment and take breaks when they want.

River Paws – Dog Grooming

  • We ensure a safe and calm environment where your dog can be pampered.

  • From a Pawdicure to a Puff and Fluff, we have your dog’s grooming needs covered.

  • Our experienced groomers ensure your pups stay healthy and look good.

  • Our professional dog groomers work with clients to review the condition of the dog’s coat. As a result, we will always be very transparent about any additional work that may need to be done for the dog’s health.

River Paws – Dog Training

  • Our dog training focuses on teaching both you and your dog how to communicate better

  • Our Play, Stay and Train dog training engages short training sessions multiple times throughout the day to maximize retention. In addition, we will review all the things we worked on so you can reinforce that training at home.

  • Our Board and Train is an all-immersive program that pairs your dog up with our trainer for several days. Most importantly, we will work closely with you and your dog to maintain the training beyond your dog’s stay.

River Paws Dog Grooming and Dog Day Care Center has been serving dogs and their loving owners since 2017. We are located at 5305 River Road and strive to deliver the best dog care possible near you.

Our location at the edge of Waunakee and the north side of Madison is easily accessible from the nearby DeForest, Windsor, and Middleton areas. Schedule your dog groom or doggy daycare appointment online today.

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